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E-Courts Project In India By PTLB Projects

E-Courts Project Of PTLB Projects

Our dealing with online dispute resolution (ODR) and e-courts started in the year 2004 and at that time very few people could have talked about these fields. Now as legal industry and public delivery of services are maturing, we often hear about ODR and e-courts. But still not many stakeholders can discuss and understand ODR and e-courts in true perspective.

We started ODR and e-courts projects in 2004 under the banner of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) and PTLB. Subsequently, we launched dedicated websites for both ODR and e-courts for better management of our techno legal projects. In the year 2019 we incorporated entities like PTLB Projects LLP and TeleLaw Private Limited (TPL) and both DPIIT and MeitY were kind enough to recognise them as LegalTech, EduTech and TechLaw startups.

Now TPL and PTLB Projects are handling the ODR and e-courts projects of P4LO and PTLB. The very first thing that we did was launch of dedicated websites for both TPL and PTLB Projects. While TeleLaw Portal is live and accessible to public at large, the portals of PTLB Projects are still work in progress. Till now our ODR and e-courts projects have more than 15 years of techno legal experience in their respective fields and we intend to use this expertise and experience to make India a global hub for ODR, e-courts and Techno Legal services.

We have also launched dedicated Centre of Excellence for both ODR and e-courts fields. The CoE for ODR is managed by TLCEODRI and the CoE for e-courts is managed by TLCOEECI. We have arranged for ODR and e-courts online skills development and training too and interested stakeholders can get our techno legal skills development courses in various fields. We have other projects in fields of ODR and e-courts too named Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) and E-Courts 4 Justice (EC4J). So every fine detail has been taken care of by TPL and PTLB Projects and now the final stage of the project would be implemented. Once that is done, ODR and e-courts projects of TPL and PTLB Projects would extend their techno legal services to global community and stakeholders.

As we have combined many techno legal projects of TPL and PTLB Projects, we have the advantage to use multiple technologies and features so as to provide best services to the stakeholders. Our projects and portals are supporting each other and we provide world’s exclusive techno legal services from the stage of agreement drafting to the final adjudication of a dispute. We have combined litigation, corporate legal practice, para legal, legal aid and Access to Justice, LegalTech, Techlaw, EduTech and many more segments to built a comprehensive and holistic techno legal solution at a single place.

Just imagine any legal issue or problem, and our projects have the solution for the same. We would also use latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, open source software, etc wherever required. If you are a technology solution provider or a finance provider/angel investor/venture capitalist, we would love to hear from you and we would be happy to work together. Let us together change the history and make legal services versatile and omnipresent.