Inter-Ministerial Group Will Study TRAI Recommendations On Broadcasting

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recently given some very far reaching and significant recommendations to the Indian government. TRAI’s recommended liberal shareholding rules for telecom service providers is one such recommendation. TRAI has also provided its recommendations regarding the feasibility of entering into broadcasting business by the Central and State Government(s).

Now an inter ministerial group has been set up to examine recommendations made by TRAI regarding the broadcasting business by Centre and States. The group has been set up by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry (I&B Ministry) and it would be headed by the Additional Secretary J S Mathur.

The I&B Ministry would reach a conclusion only after the group studies the TRAI’s recommendations. I&B Ministry had earlier sought clarifications from TRAI on whether Central or State Government(s) or entities on which they have control could be allowed to enter broadcasting or distribution of channels.

TRAI had given an opinion that Central Government Ministries, Departments, Companies, Joint Ventures or Entities which belong to or are funded by Centre or State Government(s) should not be allowed to enter in to the business of broadcasting and or distribution of TV channels.

Many States have approached the I&B regarding the issue at hand and the group’s finding may help the Ministry at reaching a conclusive decision.

Source: Corporate Laws In India.