Trademark IP Law Firms And Lawyers In India

Intellectual property rights (IPRs) in India protect variety of IPRs segments. These includes copyright, trademark, patents, etc. Further, there are many good intellectual property (IP) laws firms in India that are providing world class services. In short, IPRs law firms in India are helping in protecting national and international IPRs.

IP law firms of India are also facilitating trademark registration in India. They are also assisting in renewal of expired trademarks in India and United States. With an increase of e-commerce in India, many multi national companies have started exploring Indian territories as well. For instance, recently USPTO granted Apple trademarks for its retail outlets designs and layout. This is a significant trend in the field of e-commerce related trademarks issues in US and India.

The trademarks law of India is incorporated in the Trade Marks Act 1999. The Act prescribes the procedure for registration of trademarks in India, examination of applications, filing of convention trademark applications in India, registration of collective marks in India, etc.

There are many good law firms in India that provide trademark registration and prosecution services. Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) are providing the exclusive techno legal intellectual property rights services in India. Further, Perry4Law and PTLB are also managing the technological issues of IPRs in India and world wide.

For instance, Perry4Law is the most successful law firm in India in getting copyright and trademark violating materials removed through the DMCA proceedings. Further, Perry4Law is also very successful in getting removed “offending materials” from various foreign websites and social media websites. Perry4Law is also helping in managing online brand protection, online reputation management, social media compliances, etc.

Perry4Law is also the exclusive techno legal online dispute resolution provider of India. The ODR centre and e-courts centre of Perry4Law and PTLB are world renowned and are the exclave centers in India.

Further, Perry4Law and PTLB are also managing the domain name dispute resolution in India and are the exclusive techno legal domain name dispute resolution services providers in India.

Legal rights objection assistance for new GTLDs by Perry4Law is also provided. The issues of new GTLDs, ICANN and domain names disputes resolutions would arise in the near future. Perry4Law extends assistance for defending independent objections and legal rights objections for ICANN’s new GTLDs as well.

Clearly, the trademark protection and management, brand protection, online reputation management ad new GTLDs management services of Perry4law are matchless and are simply one of the best in the world. This also makes Perry4Law one of the best trademarks law firms of India and world wide.

Source: Techno Legal Journalists.

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