U.S. Shut Down 1677 Illegal Online Pharmacies Websites But India Still Indifferent

The problem with the online pharmacies is that a dominant majority of them do not follow the laws of various jurisdictions and they sell spurious and counterfeit medicines. For instance, online pharmacies in India are openly violating the laws of India and they have become a real health hazard.

In fact, an official at the Indian Directorate of Drugs Control has said in the past that they have taken some steps and are working to curb online pharmacies. However, till now India has not taken any significant step to show its commitment to fight against fake medicines and illegal online pharmacies.

On the other hand, the United States has taken some very effective steps to curb illegal online pharmacies and to minimise the risks to lives of millions due to such illegal pharmacies and fake drugs.

It has been reported that U.S. and international regulators have seized more than $41 million in illegal medicines worldwide and shut down 1,677 websites as part of their ongoing fight against counterfeit drugs sold over the Internet.

The US Food and Drug Administration on Thursday said it used federal court warrants to seize website domain names and post messages letting visitors know that people who traffic in counterfeit drugs may face severe penalties under federal law.